A Guide Book to the Great Tree
Guide Book To The Great Tree
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Cover Art: Richard Cowdrey
Cover Design: Steve Scott
Publish Date: 2007
ISBN Number: 9780439931885
At last, from the esteemed scholar Otulissa, a guide to the history, life, and spirit of the Great Tree! Learn what dark episodes marked the Tree's glorious past; learn how the Guardians celebrate dwenking moon and winter sun. Find out more about the heroes—and scoundrels—who've made the Tree their home. Above all, reader, lift this tome to your eyes and discover what it is to be a Guardian!
Guardians of Ga'Hoole: A Guide Book to the Great Tree is a spin-off volume of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series. The book is narrated by Otulissa.


The Natural and Supernatural History of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree

Otulissa explains of the origins of the tree, including its name and features of the tree.

This section also includes two times of when the Great Tree was in danger of its health. The two sagas includes a new species of Rainbow Caterpillars made their way to the island and the spread of Blackfire Mushrooms.

The Making of a Guardian

This part explains what it takes to be a Guardian of Ga'Hoole. The type of chaws, and their contents and rybs are included as well. The section ends with Otulissa reciting the Guardians' oath.

The Faces of the Great Tree

Otulissa tell of tales that she discovered from research and through other owls. Among these stories include Twilight's encounter with his mother's scroom, young Strix Struma, Ifghar, Honeyvox and the Plonk singers, and one of Theo.

A Year of Celebrations at the Great Tree

This section goes through the known festivals and celebrations known to owls.

Nights and Days at the Great Tree

Here, Otulissa goes through what sections of nights and days are called and what owls do during those times.

Final Words

As the book closes, Otulissa gives gratitude to those who helped in making this book. Also, she reveals that she felt she'd been led by a spirit of an Other named Kathryn Lasky (the real author of the book).


The last two parts of the book go through some characters that appeared in books 1-8. There is also a glossary of owl terms at the end.