Species: Magpie
Gender: Female
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Journey, The Outcast, The Golden Tree, Exile
Trader Mag's apprentice
Bubbles is a female Magpie and Trader Mags' apprentice. She is well-meaning but somewhat of a simpleton, and Mags continually berates her for doing things wrong. She works with Mags and helps her trade her wares.


The Journey

During one of their visits to the great tree, Bubbles showed a piece of isinglass (mica) to Eglantine. Eglantine began shaking as she remembered something deep and broke out of her trance. Bubbles was panicked by the reaction.

The Outcast

While Trader Mags is out on a business trip, she leaves Bubbles in charge of her wares with a few rules. 

Nyra, having killed the Rogue Smith of Silverveil and stolen her silver art, comes to Trader Mags' church disguised as a rogue smith, meeting Bubbles. She shows interest in Mags' collection of green eyes, which she had torn from paintings. Nyra trades her smithing tongs and silver art for the eyes, describing the trade as "art for art." After Trader Mags returns, she is upset that Bubbles traded all her green eyes and is angry at her for not realizing something was wrong, as the Rogue Smith of Silverveil was the only smith who worked with silver.

The Golden Tree

The band was trying to gain information from Trader Mags about the Book of Kreeth. When Twilight ripped off her bandanna in irritation, revealing her bald spot, Bubbles was quite shocked.


When Bubbles and Trader Mags arrived at the great tree, Octavia told them there wouldn't be really any calls for their wares today, due to the mysterious Striga. Octavia then told her that Trader Mags had someting interesting for Otulissa. Bubbles thought the snake was talking of their wares and was sure Otulissa didn't want any. Trader Mags scolded her for her misunderstanding.


Bubbles is a foolish magpie, who is very trusting and doesn't bother to think twice. However, she is kindhearted, and is very chatty. She is very loyal to her mistress, Mags.