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Dark Fowl Island
Dark fowl.jpg
Terrain: Rocky cliffs with few trees
Climate: Frigid, arctic
Points of Interest: Orf's Forge, the honing pits
Current: Orf
Former: Ezylryb, Lillium, Moss, Thora Plonk
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"Of all the places in the owl world, this one came closest to what the Others would call a city."
―Lyze, The Rise of a Legend, page 64

Dark Fowl Island is an island located in the Everwinter Sea in the Northern Kingdoms. It acts as the of base for the Kielian League, and it is also where cadets are trained, weapons are forged and battle plans are made.

The legendary blacksmith Orf resides here.


The Rise of a Legend

Lyze, Moss, Rask, and Arne make a trip to Dark Fowl Island. Along the way, they are attacked by Ice Talon hireclaws, and quickly make the rest of their journey to the island to warn General Andricus of the Ice Talons coming so far into their territory.

The Burning

The Chaw of Chaws are sent to the Northern Kingdoms by Ezylryb. On Dark Fowl Island, they are trained in how to use ice slivers and ice swords.

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Dark Fowl Island is rocky and very few trees grow there, but it is far from lifeless. Its residents more than make up for its lack of foliage and trees, as the many caves are filled with owls and Kielian snakes. The lights and smoke from two dozen or more forges are visible from a distance.


  • In The Den of Forever Frost of the Bears of the Ice series, it is referred to as Dark Flow Island on the map near the beginning of the book. It is unclear whether this is a typo or a continuity error.