Dumpy the Fifteenth
Species: Puffin
Gender: Male
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Burning, The War of the Ember
Smartest known puffin, which doesn't say much
"You are going to become fighting puffins. Fighting the good fight for the noble owls of the Great Ga'hoole Tree. We can do it. But you must believe that you can think. To fish is to be a puffin. To build an ice hollow is to be a puffin, but to think is also to be a puffin."
Dumpy the Fifteenth to the other puffins, The War of the Ember[src]
Dumpy the Fifteenth, also known as Little Dumpy, is the Puffling of Dumpy and his mate Tuppa. He also has a brother named Chubster.


The Burning

When the Chaw of Chaws were on a mission to the Northern Kingdoms. Digger almost was hit by him during Puffinflockin-in the nocked. Little Dumpy was furious when Tuppa adored Dewlap and said: "I'm being replaced by a raggedy old owl! Well that does it!"

The War of the Ember

Little Dumpy overhears Nyra and the Striga speaking about their plan to hatch hagsfiends. He decides to go warn the Guardians of Ga'hoole, convinced by Sveep, a polar bear. When he gets to the tree, it takes a lot of concentration for him to relay his story, but in the end he greatly helps Coryn and the Band by informing them that Nyra indeed lives, is creating hagsfiends, and that the Striga had joined the Pure Ones. Later, he forms the Dump Brigade, leading them into battle with the Pure Ones with frozen fish for weapons.

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