Guardians of Ga’Hoole Wiki

Species: Barn Owl (Tyto alba)
Gender: Female
Family and Relatives: N/A
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Siege, The Shattering
A member of the Pure Ones, infiltrated the Great Tree as a slipgizzle

Ginger is a Barn Owl, or Tyto alba, who was once a member of the Pure Ones but was injured and taken as a prisoner of war during the siege of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. Afterwards, she joined back up with the Pure Ones as a slipgizzle.


The Siege

Ginger, though not mentioned by name, was caught in a snare during the siege and was seriously injured. She was taken a prisoner of war and healed by Matron, and later granted residence at the Great Tree.

The Shattering

Ginger was accepted into the Great Ga'Hoole Tree after training to become a Guardian. Eglantine soon became her best friend, even to the point where Primrose was feeling lonely and angry at Eglantine for choosing Ginger over her. Soon, however, during a Trader Mags's visit, Soren caught Ginger playing with a mouse - it was still alive, and in pain, which is true brutality to owls, and Soren also saw Eglantine watching Ginger, motionless. This enraged Soren and aroused his suspicion of Ginger, especially after Primrose went missing.

Soon, Ginger took Eglantine to the Mirror Lakes where her "mother" was, who was really Nyra pretending to be her mother. And when Eglantine was distracted, Ginger put flecks into her nest. After becoming shattered, Eglantine continued doing the dirty work for Nyra, such as ripping pages out of books and giving them to Nyra with Ginger urging Eglantine on and telling her to keep doing it. Soon, Eglantine managed to piece her mind back together and Ginger was soon found out to be a slipgizzle for the Pure Ones. Quickly, Primrose and the newly returned Eglantine fled the burning forest, and Ginger was never seen again after that. It's possible that she died in the fires, was killed by Nyra in anger over her and Kludd's egg being destroyed or fled to avoid Nyra's anger.


Ginger is a cunning, lying, and backstabbing Barn Owl, who manipulated Eglantine into being her friend and helping expand the Pure Ones' understanding of flecks.