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Guardians (Books)
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Organization type: Military
Doctrine: Peacekeeping, education, protection of the innocent
Sub-groups: Strix Struma Strikers, Bonk Brigade,
Headquarters: The Great Ga'Hoole Tree
Founder: Hoole
Leaders: Soren and Pellimore (latest confirmed monarchs)

Coryn: (former)

Boron and Barran (former; from The Capture to The Outcast)

Intermittant leaders unknown

Hoole (former; first leader)

The Guardians of Ga'Hoole, or simply The Guardians are members of the owl society that reside within the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. One of their main purposes is to fight to protect their fellow Guardians, as well as innocent owls throughout the other owl kingdoms. Not all Guardians are warriors, however. Some have instead devoted their lives to the healing arts and other peaceful pursuits.


The Guardians swear an oath to support their fellow guardians and protect the innocent and those in need of help, expecting nothing in return. The role of the guardians is to protect the Great Tree, as well as help any other worthy cause in the owl kingdoms. The guardians are made up of all species of owls, with no species regarded more highly than any other. The guardians utilize the unique skills of different species in different factions of their army, as well as in different fields such as navigation and tracking.


For more information on the Guardians' society, see Great Ga'Hoole Tree (Books)



Main article: Chaws

A chaw is a squadron within the Guardians that specializes in teaching each owl a particular skill. There are nine chaws at the Guardians of Ga'Hoole Tree in the books, with an additional three in the movie. There is also a special chaw, the Chaw of Chaws, consisting of some of the best members of each chaw.