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Hagsmire is the owl hell, where the souls of evil owls go when they die. It is mentioned many times as the place where hagsfiends come from and currently rule. It is the opposite of glaumora, the owl heaven.


The Rise of a Legend

When Lyze first meets Moss's family, Moss is terrified and ashamed of his mother's deformed talons that appeared as though they were melted in the flames of hagsmire.

When Stormfast is later attacked, the Ice Talons are compared to fiends from hagsmire in how they swoop in to attack.

The Siege

St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls is said to be the closest to hagsmire that one could get without dying, due to its horrible conditions and the unspeakable cruelty that captive owls endure there.

The Shattering

During the battle with the Nyra's forces, Soren and Gylfie thought that the forest fires reflecting off of the Mirror Lakes looked like hagsmire.

The Burning

Soren worries that without the help of the Frostbeak Division in the invasion of St. Aggie's, it would be as if the Guardians were flying straight into hagsmire.

The Hatchling

Nyra was said to have told Nyroc terrifying stories of hagsfiends and hagsmire when he was a hatchling.

After he defects from the Pure Ones and is on his own, Nyroc makes up a song about his feathers, where he includes a line about them lifting him from hagsmire to heaven. He is later confronted by the scrooms of hagsfiends in his flight. They follow him, chanting that he should return to the Pure Ones and be their king.

When met by Strix Struma's scroom in the Spirit Woods, Nyroc initially fears that the old Spotted Owl was actually "hagsmire-bent."

The Outcast

Coryn dresses up as a hagsfiend and threatens to send the Pure One guards into hagsmire so that he can save a stolen egg.

The Coming of Hoole

The hagsfiend Ullryck is said to come from the deepest smee hole, which was thought to be connected to hagsmire.

During the battle at the Beyond of the Beyond, it was described as being so chaotic and horrific that the witnesses considered it a scene straight from hagsmire itself.

To Be a King

After murdering Lutta, Strix Strumajen condemned her to hagsmire. It is unclear if she actually went there, as her spirit rose after her passing.

After finishing reading the legends, Coryn concludes that his mother is actually from hagsmire, and that she is somehow a surviving descendant of the hagsfiends.

The River of Wind

Digger comments to Ruby on how he initially would imagine glaumora to look like the Panqua Palace, but after touring and attempting to sleep there, he considers it to be more like hagsmire.


The Striga questions Coryn whether or not he believes in glaumora and hagsmire. He confidently states he believes in glaumora, but for the latter he is unsure. Coryn thinks to himself how if there was a hagsmire his parents would surely be there, but he preferred they didn't get to go to any sort of afterlife, and rather their souls just disappear into nothingness.

The Striga goes on to say that he believes in hagsmire, and that the two of them had both gone through it themselves: the Striga with the Dragon Court, and Coryn with his mother in the Canyonlands. He believes that he and Coryn were chosen to survive through their personal hagsmires so that they could warn everyone of the hagsmire to come, and guide them towards a future in glaumora.

The War of the Ember

When the Palace of Mists is infiltrated, Bess condemns the Boreal Owl to hagsmire for fooling her and trying to steal the Ember of Hoole. The Boreal claims that whoever sent him would control hagsmire and all of its fiends. When Bess delivers a fatal blow, with his dying breath he states that he is in the cradle of the hagsfiends, and that hagsmire is his glaumora.

Twilight later comments on how almost poetic it was that the Boreal Owl had infiltrated by tricking Bess into tolling him to glaumora, but she later sent him to hagsmire.

After hearing the news that Nyra and the Striga had teamed up, Coryn concludes that they are planning to conjure an army from hagsmire itself.

Owls Implied to Reside in Hagsmire