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Jatt and Jutt (Movie)
Jatt n Jutt
Species: Long Eared Owls
Gender: Males
Cousins .
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Appears in: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Jatt and Jutt are two male Long-Eared Owl cousins and antagonists in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. They work for the Pure Ones, kidnapping owlets for the Pure Ones to use as soldiers and slaves. Jutt has white feathers with red markings, and Jatt has reddish-brown feathers with white markings.


Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

In the movie, Jatt and Jutt first appear as Soren and Kludd are being attacked by a Tasmanian Devil. Jatt intervenes and kills the Tasmanian Devil, while Jutt flies in and grabs Soren. Jatt picks up Kludd and the two fly away from the tree. While flying, Jatt and Jutt banter about various intimidating stares they've developed. Kludd bites Jatt's foot, causing Jatt to drop him down a waterfall, but captures him again. They meet up with other St. Aggies owls in Kuneer, and Jutt tries his new look on Grimble, which backfires.

Once the owlets are dumped in St. Aggies, Jatt and Jutt keep watch of the owlets and flank Nyra when she confronts Gylfie. They forcefully push Soren and Gylfie from the group when Nyra pronounces they shall be pickers. Jatt and Jutt then instruct the owlets in the Glaucidium how to sleep, and later wake them up, directing them to the Pelletorium. In the Pellitorium, they show the owlets how to pick for flecks and where they should be taken, using Soren as an example.

Jatt and Jutt are next seen when Kludd and his fellow soldiers first meet Metal Beak, with Jatt forcing Eglantine to bow.

The two fight the Guardians, flying out as Metal Beak says "Crush them!" Twilight clubs both Jatt and Jutt with his lute while flying. Jatt is seen following Nyra as she flies away after the battle.


Jutt: And welcome to the Pelletorium.

Jatt: It's a great place for the rest of your lives! Ha ha!
- Leading the owlets into the Pelletorium
Jutt: Alright everyone, gather round. Oi! You with the blank expression!
Jatt: That's all of em'.
Jutt: Oh... Well, pay attention, he's talking.
- Jutt and Jatt talking to the owlets, Legend of the Guardians


  • In the Behind the Scenes, a bonus trivia question about their species is asked. The answer lists them as "Australian Masked Owls," which is not true, as they are Long-eared Owls.


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