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Jouzhen is the language spoken by the blue owls in the Middle Kingdom. Tengshu is fluent in both Jouzhen and Hoolian.

Jouzhen is the language spoken in the Middle Kingdoms. Jouzhen is a starkly different language from Hoolian and Krakish, although certain Jouzhen words do appear to have Krakish origins.


The origins of Jouzhen are largely unknown. While Hoolian and Krakish share some similarities in how certain words are spelled and sound, Jouzhen shares almost no similarity with these two languages. However, Jouzhen does appear to utilize certain loanwords and cognates of Krakish origin, likely adopted after the arrival of Theo, a native Krakish speaker.

An example of one such cognate is H'ryth, a Jouzhen title given to an owl comparable to a sage or guru. Otulissa observes that H'ryth appears to stem from a Krakish word referring to the innermost part of the gizzard.


This is a list of known Jouzhen vocabulary. It is alphabetized by the Jouzhen word.


Jouzhen Hoolian
Shing Zao we


Jouzhen Hoolian
Danyar The Way of Noble Gentleness
Danyks The owls of the Owlery, practitioners of the way of Danyar.
Dong Knower
Guanjho-Noh The Sea of Vastness
H’ryth A title given to the wisest owl in the Middle Kingdoms. Stems from the Krakish word that means "the innermost part of the gizzard."
jing jangs hail cusps
Jouzhen the language of the Middle Kingdom
jouzho middle
Jouzhenkyn The Middle Kingdoms
Khyre Of Glaux The Many Faces of Glaux
Pheng Gwuil Honored Guest
Phonqua Not easily translated. Best described as the the destiny and fate of all, easily tipped one way or the other. Those who believe in phonqua (namely Dragon owls )lead a simple life in hopes of repaying a debt and redeeming themselves. What they are actually redeeming themselves from is unknown. Comparable to karma.
Pikyu A guide. Also refers to owls who are educated in the ways of Danyar and teachers at the Owlery.
Qui No direct Hoolian equivalent. Can refer to a kite-like object made of parchment and controlled by strings.
Qui Dong The Knower and Keeper of the Pearl Gates
Wind Bong The last shriek of a mighty wind; the distinct sound generated when a strong gust of wind breaks through a notch in a mountain.
Ya Ni Ni The feather that sticks out at the top of a Pikyu's bald head. It is said that zi fields originate from that particular feather.
Zan Li stranger
Zhong Phong The river of wind that connects the Hoolian World to Jouzhenkyn
Zi Field The field of energy powered by the mind and body, a region of power and control. All creatures possess it.
Zi Kyan Mu A battle move in which an owl smashes into an adversary, rendering it temporarily senseless without killing them
Zi Phan The Talon like the Spiked Flower, a fighting move that is usually lethal
Zong Qui The Breath of Qui, a cry which expands an owl's lungs with a large volume of air. By exhaling, the owl is propelled forward at incredible speed. The owl turns its very body into a weapon, using it to strike an opponent with every fiber of its being. This powerful blow is capable of stunning foes or even rendering them unconscious


Jouzhen Hoolian
strezhing hailing from/to hail from


Jouzhen Hoolian
Hee Naow Hello/Welcome


  • Readers have observed that Jouzhen sounds similar to Mandarin Chinese.