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Kielian League
The cadet moons.png
Organization type: Military
Doctrine: Defending in innocent, defeating the Ice Talons and, later, the Pure Ones
Sub-groups: Frost Beaks, Glauxspeed Division
Headquarters: Dark Fowl Island
Founder: unknown
Leaders: Moss (latest)

General Andricus (former)

The Kielian League is an owl army that resides within the Northern Kingdoms and fought against Ice Talon League in the War of the Ice Claws. The army's main base is Dark Fowl Island, where they also train new cadets. The Kielian League assisted the Guardians' army against the Pure Ones in both The Burning and The War of the Ember, and was a central focus in Ezylryb's autobiography, The Rise of a Legend.


Known Owls in the League


  • General Andricus
  • General Raskin (supreme commander of all the allied forces of the Kielian League)
  • General Kai
  • Major General Lyze of Kiel (commander of the Glauxspeed Division)
  • Colonel Esa (commander of the Frost Beaks A unit)
  • Colonel Solsten Ketupa Zeylonensis (flight formation instructor)
  • Colonel Stellan (commander of the Frost Beaks B unit)
  • Battalion Commander Lillium
  • Hrenna (commander of the Flying Leopards)
  • Captain Ludvigsen Asio Flammeus (commander of the Ice Squires unit)
  • Commander Optimus (regimental commander of the Academy)
  • Commander Strix Hurth (instructor, retired)
  • Major Fina Strix Occidentalis
  • Major Ulfa (commander of the Ice Dagger unit, former instructor)
  • Captain Nillja Micrathene Whitneyi (Frost Beaks strategist)
  • Lieutenant Artemis Asio Flammeus (Ice Squires instructor)
  • Lieutenant Ganymede Asio Flammeus (Ice Squires instructor)
  • Lieutenant Lyngaard Strix Varia (camp director)
  • Sergeant Alion Tyto Castanops (secretary to General Andricus)
  • Sergeant Luka Strix Varia
  • Sarissa (geology instructor)
  • Maia (weather interpretation)
  • Felix (cartographer)

Ordinary Soldiers (Non-Commanders)


Known Snakes in the League