"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."
- Kreeth

Species: Hagsfiend
Gender: Female
Daughter: Lutta (Adopted)
Book Appearances
Appears in: Book Appearances
Powerful nachtmagen,
Kreeth was a very powerful hagsfiend who lived in the Ice Narrows where she conducted horrific experiments during the time of The Legends of Ga'Hoole. She was known to possess powerful nachtmagen, even by hagsfiend standards, and was often referred to as the arch hagsfiend. Among her creations was Lutta the changeling, a Crowl, a horrifying hybrid between a crow and an owl, and Puffowl, a bizarre combination of a snowy owl and a puffin.


The Coming of Hoole

When Ygryk and Pleek failed to capture Hoole as their own, Kreeth saved the both of them when she just happened to be flying over the Bitter Sea. She brought them back to her laboratory in the Ice Narrows. She sought to discover a charm that would make all hagsfiends immune to the disastrous effects of saltwater on the feathers of hagsfiends. Kreeth, Ygryk and Pleek spied on Grank, Theo, Phineas and Hoole as they made their way to Beyond the Beyond. Kreeth figured that Hoole's power could be used to finish her charm however this would never come to be as Hoole persevered in the Beyond and eventually became king.

To Be A King

Kreeth creates the mismatched couple, Ygryk and Pleek, an egg which they find to their dismay was a bizzare shapshifting creature and gave it back to Kreeth. She then teaches the chick to use its powers properly and to assassinate King Hoole. However, this fails as the changling was to transform into an owl and somehow unintentionally created a gizzard causing her to have feelings and managed to steal the fake ember instead of the real one.

During the battle for the Ice Palace, Kreeth was one of the only hagsfiends left flying, and as she started to go yeep with horror, Duncan MacDuncan lept high into the air and ripped off her face.


  • Kreeth's favourite quote (written above) is most famous for its use in The Godfather Part II.