"No, it is not the ember I wanted"
- Lutta's last words To Be a King

Species: Hagsfiend (crowl)
Gender: Female
Mother: Kreeth
Book Appearances
Appears in: To Be a King
Movie Appearances
Appears in: N/A
Lutta was a rare crowl that was called a changeling by Kreeth. Lutta had the power to transform into any kind of bird that she wanted at any given time.


To Be a King

At birth, Lutta was just an ordinary owl, taken from her nest by another hagsfiend named Kreeth. Shortly after birth, a fyngrot spell that had been casted on Lutta created a new type of hagsfiend that she referred to as a changeling. Left by her parents, Ygryk and Pleek, Kreeth taught Lutta how to control her rapid changes in species. After retrieving a feather from Strix Hurthwel, Kreeth sent Lutta to steal the Ember, disguised as Hurthwel's daughter Emerilla.

As Emerilla, Lutta led a squadron trained with close blades through the Narrows, where she reappeared as a hagsfiend and retrieved the Ember, which turned out to be a copy, the real hanging in a vial tied around Hoole's neck. Upon discovering Lutta had taken a fake Ember, Kreeth cast the fyngrot on her and turned her back into Emerilla, so she could get the real Ember of Hoole.

However, Lutta had fallen in love with Hoole. She tried to reveal her true identity to him, but Strix Strumajen had fatally wounded her. After Lutta died, Strumajen said "to Hagsmire!"


  • A changeling is also a creature in medieval folklore.