German myrrthe
Species: Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus)
Gender: Female
Book Appearances
Appears in: The First Collier
Photo from the German edition of the books
Myrrthe was a Snowy Owl who was both a nursemaid and a governess for Queen Siv and the good King H'rath.


The First Collier

Myrrthe was with Siv when she went into hiding after the horrifying death of King H'rath. They disguised theirselves as gadfeathers and went to the Glauxian Sisters retreat to meet Siv's cousin Rorkna. Myrrthe found out that Rorkna and the whole Glauxian Sisters were affected by the hagsfiend's Nacht Ga', which made their gizzards ordinary and acting only like a stomach. So Myrrthe and Siv went to the Ice Cliff Palace to shelter and soon met up with Grank to give him the egg of Siv and H'rath. They were ambushed by hagsfiends that left Siv's port wing almost torn off. Wounded and having nothing to eat, they sheltered on an iceberg. Myrrthe braved up and tried to fish but to no avail. Then Svenka came and helped her. Sooner Myrrthe had decided to give Siv some lemming on a moon-bleached night. She was hunting for them when she met hagsfiends that killed her. Svenka tried to saved her but got paralyzed by fyngrot.

The Coming of Hoole

While attempting to keep her identity a secret, Siv tells the Snow Rose that her name is Elka, who is mentioned to be Myrrthe's sister.