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Northern Kingdoms
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Terrain: Mountainous, large bodies of water with islands, few trees with the ones present being mostly coniferous
Climate: frigid, arctic
Points of Interest: Stormfast Island, Dark Fowl Island, Ice Palace, Glauxian Brothers' Retreat
Current: Moss, Orf, Dumpy, Dumpy the Fifteenth, Sveep, other owls, polar bears, puffins
Former: Ezylryb, Octavia, Lillium, Ifghar
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The Northern Kingdoms (also known as the N'yrthghar) are the northern lands of the world of owls. The Northern Kingdoms as a whole are considered to be one of the six kingdoms of owls.


The First Collier

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The Coming of Hoole

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To Be A King

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The Rise of a Legend

The Rise of a Legend almost entirely takes place in the Northern Kingdoms, following the lives of Lyze and his friends during the War of the Ice Claws. The book delves into the culture and politics of the Northern Kingdoms, starting with showing the harshness of the ongoing war when Lyze's brother, Edvard, is lost in battle.

From an early age, Lyze and all of the other owlets, including his Snowy Owl friend Moss, are already being mentally and physically shaped for battle by their parents and caretakers, from playing games to hone hunting and battle skills, to taking a flight to Dark Fowl Island, the base of the Kielian League. The war gets pushed even further by the opposing side, the League of Ice Talons, when they begin attacking civilian settlements, burning down the trees and killing countless families. This happens to Lyze's home on Stormfast Island, where his little sister Lysa and caretaker Gundesfyrr are killed. His parents, Ulfa and Rask, only grieve for a short time before moving on and laying another egg, as showing too much emotion during war times is considered a sign of weakness in the Northern Kingdoms.

Immediately afterwards, Lyze is sent off to Dark Fowl Island to begin his training as a cadet, where he is endlessly frustrated at how stuck in their old ways the owls of the Kielian League are. He wants to present new ideas, which would be a turning point in the war, but is repeatedly shunned until he manages to put himself in the spotlight and show off his potential. Orf, one of the best blacksmiths for the Kielian League, is owlknapped, and Lyze and his friends go off to rescue him, using new battle tactics.

The Kielian League now begins to train a new division under the leadership of Lyze, known as the Glauxspeed Division.

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The Rescue

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The Burning

The Chaw of Chaws is sent to the Northern Kingdoms in order to carry out several missions: to deliver Dewlap to the Glauxian Sisters, retrieve the book Fleckasia and Other Disorders of the Gizzard from the Glauxian Brothers, seek out Hoke of Hock, and to find the old warrior named Moss in order to gather troops for a counterattack on the Pure Ones.

The War of the Ember

At the beginning of the book, Dumpy the Fifteenth, a puffin, eavesdrops on a conversation between Nyra and the Striga in a cave in the Ice Narrows. They speak of hagsfiends, so Dumpy seeks out someone to relay this information to. He flies north, where he meets the polar bear Sveep. She tells him that he must seek out the Guardians to tell them what he saw, so he leaves the Northern Kingdoms. Sveep also leaves for the Beyond to tell her friend, Namara, of this troubling incident.


"Winter sets in early here. The katabatic winds drive the ice, and if the ice floes jam the channels and passages, we won‟t be able to tell the difference between an island and the mainland."
―Soren, The Burning

The seasons in the Northern Kingdoms all look fairly similar in temperature and weather to an outsider, but the native inhabitants have many different intricate labels for the seasons, beyond the main four. The main seasons are known as:

Soffen issen (soft ice) - Spring

Ny schnee (no snow) - Summer

Liffen schmoo (light frost) - Autumn

Brikta schnee (deep snow) - Winter

During Brikta schnee, there are a few more specific sub-seasons:

Dryflifa schnee (snow that clings to feathers)

Siypah schnee (snow falling at dawn)

Lintla schnee (snow with vapor)

Astrilla schnee (snow with starlight)

Krepla schnee (fast falling, blinding snow)


Notable Locations


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