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Shadow Forest
Shadow forest.png
Terrain: Coniferous forest
Climate: Temperate
Points of Interest: Palace of Mists
Current: Bess
Former: Uglamore
On map
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The Shadow Forest is a vast forest located south of Beyond the Beyond, west of Silverveil, and north of The Barrens. It may be based on the damp redwood forests of California and Oregon.


The Hatchling

After flying away from The Canyonlands, Nyroc stopped in the Shadow Forest for a while. He heard other owls tell their young the Ga'Hoolian legends, and met the Rabbit. He eventually leaves for Silverveil by passing through The Barrens.

Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole

Uglamore and his family lived in the southern Shadow Forest.

The Golden Tree

While on their outing, The Band tell Coryn about the time they snuck out and met Bess "the Knower".

The River of Wind

The Chaw of Chaws was invited to the Palace of Mists. Bess explains that she discovered a new owl kingdom call the Middle Kingdom.


Otulissa (Books) and Fritha take several books to the Palace of Mists to keep them safe from The Striga.

Some time later, Pellimore take the ember to the Palace of Mists to make sure The Striga and his Blue Brigade never find it.

The War of the Ember

A dying Boreal Owl visits the Palace of Mists, asking Bess to sing him to Glaumora. He turns out to be a Pure Ones spy searching for the Ember of Hoole.


Redwoods, which the Shadow Forest is based on.

Notable Locations

Palace of Mists