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Species: Lesser Sooty (Tyto multipunctuata)
Gender: Male
Unnamed female
Unnamed male
Unnamed female
Unnamed female
Alto Cumulus
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Rescue, The Burning, The War of the Ember
One of the owlets dropped and rescued by the guardians at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree in 'The Great Downing'

Silver is a male Lesser Sooty Owl, or Tyto multipunctata. He is a member of the weather interpretation chaw, and was rescued from the Great Downing. He and his friend Nut Beam, being owlets, were always bragging about their relatives, much to the annoyance of Otulissa.


The Rescue

He and Nut Beam fly with the Weather Interpretation Chaw to see if they are suitable for the class. Due to a mild tropical storm, the Chaw and the owlets must find find refuge in the Spirit Woods. He and Nut Beam are scared of scrooms, making their stay more difficult as Spirit Woods is famous for their supposed scroom encounters.

The Burning

Silver, Nut Beam, and Percy - are sent on a mission before the Battle of Fire and Ice referred to as "Operation Double Cross" to deploy owlipoppen as a distraction for the enemies. In the battle he and Nut Beam sustain injuries. They are helped by the Glauxspeed units.

The War of the Ember

Silver, along with Nut Beam, Martin, Primrose, and Clover, are named by Coryn as the leaders of the Corps of Messengers (also known as the Joss Corps or the Jossian Messengers). He sends a coded message to Coryn saying that the Ember had been successfully retrieved from the Palace of Mists.