On rare occasions, creatures in the Northern and Southern Kingdoms are magically granted a special trait on birth, under special circumstances.

List of Special Powers

Lunar Eclipse

One of these special circumstances is to be born under an eclipse, which grants unprecedented power for good or evil. One of the benefits of this is that eclipses can be predicted, as Nyra showed when she tried to create an extremely powerful breed of hagsfiend. She, Hoole, and Coryn are some famous examples of owls born under the full moon. Hoole and Coryn had, as a result of this, an extraordinarily large amount of Ga', though in the case of Hoole, it may have been because of his mother.

Web Reading

Web-readers are rabbits that have a special diamond-shaped patch of fur on their forehead. They can peer into spider webs and see small fragments of either the past, present, or future. However, the meaning of those fragments is not always clear, as a web-reader's interpretation of the name "Fengo" shows. If a web-reader reveals his or her true name, they lose their ability.


Being an incredibly rare gift, firesight enables an owl to see the past, present and future in the gizzard of a fire. Owls known to have this gift are Grank, Hoole, Coryn and possibly Orf, the blacksmith of Dark Fowl Island.


Owls born with this ability are able to see bits of the future through dreams. It is described as looking through holes in the piece of cloth. Soren and Hortense are the only owls known to have this gift.