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Streak (Books)
Cowdrey eagle.jpg
Species: Bald Eagle
Gender: Male
Mate Zan
Zanouche (great, great, great granddaughter)
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Capture, The Siege, The War of the Ember
The above illustration is not of Streak, but it was painted by Richard Cowdrey, the illustrator of Guardians of Ga'hoole.

Streak is a male bald eagle, a free flyer and the mate of Zan. He is also Mist's guardian.


The Capture

Streak and his mate, Zan were first seen in the book where they helped the band defeat a patrol from St. Aegolius. Streak also told Digger of his family's fate.

The Siege

Streak, Mist, and Zan, fetched Slynella to cure injured Soren. Streak revealed to the chaw of chaws that he caught Hortense (Mist) when she was thrown off the cliff.


After the Band is exiled from the great tree, the eagles report rumors from Gwyndor about something being planned for Balefire Night.

The War of the Ember

In the final battle against the Pure Ones, Streak and Zan led the unit armed with ice shields against the enemy.


  • In the Wolves of the Beyond: Star Wolf, Eelon mentions Zan and Streak, but Streak is known as Elver. (Star Wolf, page 157)
  • In the German edition of the books, he is named Blitz.