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Species: Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa)
Gender: Male
Cletus, Twilight
Book Appearances
Appears in: Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole, The War of the Ember
Long-lost brother of Twilight, was reunited with him in the desert of Kuneer

"I'm starving, brother. I'm beggining to wonder if I can eat a cactus"

-Tavis, Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole

Tavis is a Great Gray owl, or Strix nebulosa, the brother of Twilight and Cletus, and son of the famous poet Skye.


Before the Books

One day Tavis and Cletus went hunting for their mother, Skye, who was sitting on an egg which was an hour or minute away from hatching. Skye disappeared when they came back from their hunt and saw that the egg was already hatched, but the owlet was nowhere in sight. They found their mother's body, but not their little brother's. It is said that their father was killed by the old High Tyto before Kludd. After Tavis and Cletus lost their mother and little brother, they lived underground in the desert of Kuneer.

Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole

Tavis and his brother Cletus discovered that there were lots of new neighbors in the Desert of Kuneer. The Burrowing Owl Tarn dug a burrow near to where the brothers were living and made them susicious about Tarn. They later meet an elderly Burrowing Owl Hiram, who also saw strange owls digging close to his home. He is later killed by a female Barn Owl while eavesdropping about the plot of the Pure Ones through the thin wall.

Tavis and Cletus learned that Hiram was killed by the Pure Ones, and that they were raising a massive army to kill all the owls in the Desert of Kuneer. They started a warning relay through friendly owls, warning every inhabitant about the danger. While the owls delivered the message, the brothers worked on a tunnel that led straight to beyond the earthen ridge of the Broken Egg's crater, near the borders of Ambala. Tavis and Cletus successfully evacuated the owls in Kuneer, but unknown to the brothers, the relay was broken off in the turn of Jacy and Dill, a Burrowing Owl couple. Because they were killed by a Sooty Owl, Saul and Trixie, another couple, didn't know about the Pure Ones. Worried, the brothers went to their burrows, alerted them, and evacuated safely. During the escape, one of the eggs Trixie sat on hatched, and after safely getting out of the tunnel and sealing the entrance, Saul and Trixie named the chick Gray, after their Great Gray saviors.

The War of the Ember

Tavis and Cletus were finally reunited with their brother, Twilight (originally named Cassius).


It is never said how his mother, Skye, died, possibly by a St. Aggie's patrol or the Pure Ones. She was also a famous poet. He also has two brothers, Twilight and Cletus.


Like his brothers, Cletus and Twilight, Tavis loves to fight. Also like them, he loves to make poems, and often does it with his Cletus.

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