The Coming of Hoole
GoGH10 - The Coming of Hoole
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Cover Art: Richard Cowdrey
Cover Design: Steve Scott
Publish Date: 2006
ISBN Number: ISBN 978-0-439-79569-2
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The Coming of Hoole is the tenth book in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series, and the second volume in the legends.


A tale of chaos, betrayal, and nachtmagen unfolds in the second of three ancient legends. It is no idle history, for hidden in its pages are truths about great promise-and great danger-that lie ahead for the guardians. And so, Soren, Coryn, and the members of the the band read on:
A grizzled collier will tend a young prince in exile. An owl who would be a monk will don battle claws. A mother who is also a queen will raise an army. And under the shower of embers in the shadow of the Sacred Volcanoes, a king will be born-or die.


The story started with Siv confronting Lord Arrin and some hagsfiends. They were about to kill her when Svenka showed up and rescues Siv. The chapter ended with Siv praying.

The next chapter began when Hoole hatched out. After Hoole ate his first worm, his first bug and then his first mammal, Theo seemed to be pretty exhausted and Grank was looking to see if he was budging yet. In this chapter it is revealed young Hoole loved to eat.

Theo, after looking at the Glauxian Brothers' retreat, returned with an apparently bloody (and plump) vole. After Hoole finished the vole and began to ask what forty-two was, Grank sent him to nest, and Theo and Grank had a conversation about the Glauxian Brothers.

The time seemed to have passed a lot, as Hoole now had his flight feathers. Berwyck comes and told Hoole to start branching. After some conversation, Hoole flew and caught his first rabbit.

While Hoole was enjoying his flight, Siv was having a hard time thinking about Hoole.

Siv disguised herself as a gadfeather and went to a gadfeather gathering and met the Snow Rose, who would later be the singer in the great tree (probably the ancestor of the Plonk line). Brother Berwyck left beacuse of pilgrimage and Hoole was left having to fish all by himself . Soon he met Phineas who was a male and disorganized Pygmy owl, who became Hoole's best friend. Siv was really desperate to find Hoole that he soon saw him fishing in his favorite fishing spot. They talked for a while, then they were ambushed by Pleek ( an owl) and his mate (a hagsfiend) sent by Lord Arrin. Lord Arrin wanted Siv as her mate and Pleek and his mate, Ygryk, wanted Hoole because they could not make a chick due to species.

After this ambush Hoole was saved and Pleek and Ygryk, wounded, fled. Siv too ran away, and Hoole confessed to Grank that he had firesight, and because of this he knew she was his mother. Then he, Grank, Theo and Phineas left for Beyond the Beyond, because they realized that the islands in the Bitter Sea were no longer safe.

Meanwhile Fengo missed Grank, and showed this with the "glaffing," a particular type of howling, but was interrupted by Dunleavy MacHeath. He claimed the Ember as belonging to the wolves, but Fengo disagreed. They had a scuffle, and during the fight MacHeath lost an eye to Fengo. He retired with all his mates, but his oldest mate, Hordweard, who was tired of his bullying, refused to return with him. Fengo found it strange, knowing MacHeath's reputation as a tyrant and corrupter, so he was sure she would become a spy.

At the same time Pleek and Yrgryk went to Kreeth, an friend of Yrgryk's dwelling in the Ice Narrows, to recover the strength missed in the ambush. Kreeth told the couple that she was working on a charm to make hagsfiends invulnerable to seawater, but to complete it she needed the young prince. At that moment the three saw Hoole with his friends flying heading south, and discovered the prince was likely to live in Beyond the Beyond.

In their journey to the Beyond, Hoole and his friends rested on an island in the middle of the S'yrthghar Sea (the future Island of Hoole), where he found a seedling that began to grow quickly the first time he looked at it. They soon left, and stopped to rest in the shadow forest. But when all was sleeping Grank could not do it, due to his thoughts about Hoole, so go out searching something to eat. He follow one prey up to the Spirit Woods, but at some point when he's on a mound he heard a breath noise. It was the H'rath's scroom. So they have a brief speech in which H'rath say to Grank that he must look for the channels of the flames, but Grank does not understand exactly what it mean.

In the Beyond, Mac Heath want that Hordweard return to him, so he sent one of his mates to her with him best gnawed bone.

In the meantime Hoole and the other was arrived in the Beyond. He there learn how to catching coals and the strategy of the wolves. Grank also hope that the boy would feel the presence of the ember. But discover with regret that Hoole still did not seem particularly interested in what the wolves, under Grank suggestion, keeping watch in the Sacred Ring. Later, Grank saw, in a fire made ​​by him, two wolves made ​​their way to the Northern Kingdoms. But he did not saw that one was Mac Heath and another one, that followed the latter, was Hordwear.

So Mac Heath reach Lord Arrin and alert him about the presence of Hoole and "company” in the Beyond, furthermore he made a deal with him. But, on the way back, he was killed by Hordweard, who was lurking behind a boulder for days waiting for her revenge.

Finally Hoole, is reached by his mother and her troups and alerted by her of the arrival of the enemies. Shortly after, the troups of Lord Arrin arrived and the battle begin. Toward the end of this fight Hoole feel the beckons of the Ember and manage to catch it. When he land with it, and the enemies troops retired, he went to Grank who was near Siv. Unluckily she was deadly wounded by Lord Arrin, so Grank and Hoole with sadness give the farewell to her.

So Hoole, become a knight of the H'rathian Guard of Ice Regiment and King, choose to locate his court in the tree in the island in the middle of the Sea of S’yrthghar (which will become the Great Ga’Hoole Tree). In the epilogue The Band, Coryn and Otulissa think about why Ezylryb wanted them to read those legends. Finally, Coryn had deduced that maybe there could have been a rip in the fragile “membrane” that had enveloped their world for a long time, and protected it by the nactmagen, and that through that rip the natchmagen could be seeped.


  • To have written this legend seems to have been Theo.