The Rise of a Legend
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Cover Art: Richard Cowdrey
Cover Design: Steve Scott
Publish Date: 2013
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The Rise of a Legend is a Guardians of Ga'hoole prequel novel on Ezylryb, when he was known as Lyze of Kiel. It was released on 1st August 2013. 


The Owls Take Flight Again

An owlet hatches out into Stormfast Island and into a world torn by war. For one hundred years, his people have fought off enemy owls from the Ice Talons, but the tide has turned. An invasion is coming, one the Kielian League won't have the strength to resist. Soon the tyrant owl Bylyric will rule over everything, and no honorable owl will be safe.

Only the small owl from Stormfast stands between Bylyric and total victory. Lyze is not very impressive to look at, but he has a wild idea for a snake and owl strike unit that just might give the soldiers of the Kielian League the edge they need.

This is his story, the story of an ordinary owl who rose to become Ezylryb of the Great Tree. This is the story of what it takes to make a Guardian of Ga'Hoole.

Plot Summary

The book starts as the Band arrive at the Great Tree. Ezylryb decides to put the book he was working on aside to start a new one. This book is called The Book of Ezylryb. The Book of Ezylryb starts when Ezylryb, known as Lyze at the time, hatching from his egg. Then his Tantya (aunt) Haja arrives. This causes worries, since whenever she goes somewhere, bad things follow. The bad thing was that Lyze's older brother, Edvard, has died. Lyze then proceeds to have his First Insect, Meat, Fur on Meat, and Meat on Bones Ceromonies. Right before his Meat on Bones Ceromony, his parents showed up. While Lyze's parents where at war, he was taken care of by a broody. Lyze is shocked to see his parents, not because they came but because his mum was missing an eye and his da had half his face burned. Later, Lyze meets Moss, and the two became best friends. Later, Lyze and his da go to the Hock on the edge of Stormfast Island, where Lyze was born. There, they meet Hoke of Hock. After that, they return. After a while, Lyze, his da, Moss, and his da go to Dark Fowl Island.



  • The Rise of a Legend is the only book to have footnotes, seeing as Ezylryb is the "author" and in the main series it is mentioned that he often uses footnotes in his books.