"Uglamore was indeed ready. Ready to cast off his past with the Pure Ones along with name they'd given him, ready to redeem the shreds of good still left in his own gizzard. Ready to give his life for a young king."
- Narrator about Uglamore in Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole, page 90 - 91.

Species: Barn Owl (Tyto Alba)
Gender: Male
Family Bartholomew (cousin)
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Shattering, The Burning, The Hatchling, The Outcast, Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole
Former Pure One

Uglamore (oo-glah-more), born Bartholomew, was a member of the Pure Ones and a trusted lieutenant under Nyra and Kludd. He was smart, reflective, and often questioned the Pure Ones' tactics and motives.


The Shattering

Uglamore's first appearance in the series came in The Shattering. He was one of the higher ranking officers during his days as a Pure One. When he was first mentioned, he was a sublieutenant serving in Nyra's personal unit, the Nyra Annihilators. He questioned the Pure Ones' system of training soldiers and how the Guardians functioned. He began to wonder if someone could produce a better soldier than the Pure Ones themselves. He deserted the Pure Ones towards the end of his life and died protecting Nyra's son, Coryn (Nyroc), when a graymalkin or sick wolf lunged at Coryn. This occured during the attempt to lead Nyra into the fang's of the sick wolf. Before the Series Uglamore briefly mentions his own Special Ceremony for the Pure Ones when he murdered his cousin. He also mentions that he was a strong supporter of the High Tyto before Kludd.

Uglamore first appears when he reports to Nyra about the Guardians' peg-out. Neither of them know of the Guardians' trick. During the Pure Ones' retreat from the Beaks, Uglamore wonders how their elite fighting force was outwitted by fewer and weaker enemy soldiers and if the Pure Ones do truly have the finest soldiers in the owl world. 

The Burning

Uglamore and Stryker argued over the positions of the soldiers at St. Aggie's while Kludd and Nyra were sleeping.  He suggested they order soldiers over to the other side of the canyon and set up fleck zones in preparation for attack after a soldier finds the owlipoppen. Stryker brushed these theories aside even as Uglamore concluded that these signs are the begining of the invasion. When the battle did begin, Uglamore was never mentioned.  He was probably off fighting in another part of the canyon and was one of the few Pure Ones who survived the Battle of Fire and Ice.

The Hatchling

Uglamore, along with Wortmore, found a rogue smith to attend the Marking Ceremony for Kludd. He was also present througout most of Nyroc's achievements and ceremonies. He was one of the last Pure Ones and one of the few to survive the Battle of Fire and Ice and even the War of the Pure Ones. Nyra promised him the rank of colonel if he could find and bring back Nyroc after he left with Phillip

The Outcast

Uglamore is not mentioned throughout most of the book. He was described when someone mentioned a Barn Owl who deserted the Pure Ones recently. He was later in the Beyond the Beyond when Nyroc retrieved the Ember of Hoole. He and Doc Finebeak took part in the luring of Nyra into danger by the sick wolf. He sacrificed himself to save Nyroc, now Coryn, by flying into the wolf's fangs when it was about to bite Coryn. He praised Coryn as his king as he died. 

Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole: Uglamore's Redeemed Past

Uglamore was heard by some wolves saying his history to themselves. His original name was Bartholomew and his parents were supporters of the Pure Ones. When Stryker, previously Junior, Wortmore, and Uglamore were renamed by the High Tyto, Uglamore yarped a pellet at High Tyto because his name is so hideous. He prefered the name "Tytus."

Uglamore got used to his name; he was expecially fond of it when young Nyroc tried to pronounce it. He got the job of taking care of Nyroc as "Uncle Uglamore."

When Nyroc failed his tupsi and fled, Uglamore followed him in fear that he'll collaspe from exhaustion, Uglamore did found him in a tree in Silverveil and saw the moonlight make a sort of crown around his head. Stryker and Vaygar caught up with Uglamore, but didn't see Nyroc. While Stryker managed to be driven off, Vaygar stayed to get a quick snack. Uglamore tried to prevent him from seeing where Nyroc was, but Vaygar managed to. Uglamore then killed him in order to protect Nyroc. Uglamore knew his days as a Pure One was over, and he witnessed Nyroc, now Coryn, retrieve the Ember of Hoole. He then saw Nyra in the shadows, and Doc Finebeak flew over to him to devise a plan to stop Nyra killing her son.


"So what did it all mean? Uglamore wasn't quite sure. But he was beginning to question things in a way he had never before questioned, and it was almost frightening to him. And most of all was thinking about what these owls of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree might think up next. They had notions that no other owls had ever dreamed of. Uglamore nearly laughed out loud at the very thought. Dream - racdrops! We don't dream. We don't think. And then it suddenly burst like a great illuminating star in Uglamore's brain. Not thinking was exactly the meaning of being a member of the Pure Ones. But it is easier this way, Uglamore told himself. It truly is. One can be too smart for one's own good. Can't one?"
- The Burning, Pages 150-151