Species: Hagsfiend
Gender: Female
Unknown .
Book Appearances
Appears in: To Be A King, The Coming of Hoole
Ullryck was a female hagsfiend in the service of Lord Arrin during the time of The Legends of Ga'Hoole. She was well renowned for her skills as an assassin.


The Coming of Hoole

Penryk suggests to Lord Arrin that they can use Ullryck to kill Pleek and Ygryk after they find Hoole. She is useful since she has no motherly instincts and Penryk comments that her ancestors came from the deepest smee hole. Ullryck isn't seen, but she is said to have two good fighters and they fly after Pleek and Ygryk.

She isn't mentioned only to the fact that she attacked them but both Pleek and Ygryk were rescued by Kreeth. It's unknown if her companions were lost or not.

To Be a King

There were rumors that Ullryck had left Lord Arrin and started a whole division of just hagsfiends.