Guardians of Ga’Hoole Wiki

Species: Great Horned Owl
Gender: Male
Family and Relatives: N/A
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Capture, The Siege
Pit guardian at St. Aggie's.

Unk is a male Great Horned Owl,[1] or Bubo virginianus, and was Gylfie's pit guardian at St. Aggie's. His final fate is unknown, and it is most likely that he was killed by the Pure Ones when they conquered St. Aegolius.


The Capture

Unk insisted that Gylfie would call him by the name "Unk", short for "Uncle", which is almost identical to the way which Finny would insist that Soren would call her "Auntie". Unk would occasionally give Gylfie extra pieces of snake and would call her by her real name, instead of her number designation, 25-2. He also allowed Gylfie to sleep during daytime.

The Siege

When the Chaw of Chaws arrived at St. Aegolius on a secret mission sent by the parliament of The Great Ga'Hoole Tree, Unk was seen acting as interrogator and questioned them on their purpose in St. Aggie's.


  1. Revealed in The Capture, page 51