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Ga'Hoole 2007 script

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The Legend of The Guardians 2007 Draft (original file name "Ga'Hoole SECOND DRAFT") is an early draft of the movie script that was shared with user BrochJam by an anonymous individual in June 2022. The script details an earlier iteration of the movie which resembles the books for more than the final movie, taking much of the characters' dialog verbatim from the books. Notable is the inclusion of the characters Skench and Spoorn, and the exclusion of Nyra. Surtr, or Metal Beak, remains a villain, but St. Agoelius and the Pure Ones are separate entities.

Click Ga'Hoole SECOND DRAFT to see the original PDF. The format of the copied text below differs somewhat from the original screenplay.



Screenplay by John Orloff

Based on Books 1-3 of "The Guardians of Ga'Hoole" by Kathryn Lasky

October 15, 2007



Dark, stormy, wintery. Sleet and snow obscure our vision. Are we on land? In the air? Hard to say. It’s dusk. Not quite light, not quite dark, and the weather's terrible. We can hear SOMETHING in the distance, but we don’t know what. We’re getting closer to it, though.


The War of the Ice Claws was the longest in history; a bloody civil war well into its second century by the time of the Great Battle of Stormfast Island.

And then a DARK SHAPE crosses screen, obscured by the clouds and the weather. What it was, we have no idea. A beat, and then, another DARK SHAPE, this one closer. Not human... And then more and more as we start to HEAR the CLANGS of metal against metal, of orders being BARKED out. The sounds of a BATTLE.


The day looked won for the League of Kiel..

The clouds thin a bit, and we see: A HUGE BATTLE GOING ON. A battle in the air. A battle between OWLS. Not your happy, friendly sweet owls. But hundreds of fierce, terrifying creatures wearing helmets and Battle Claws-- scythe-like metal claws they hold in their talons. They’re fighting above the craggy, rocky shore of a desolate island. And they’re fighting to kill. Owls drop out of the sky and fall to the storm-tossed sea hundreds of feet below.


But then, from out of the darkest clouds of the storm flew... Surtr of Jarnaxa.

SURTR emerges from the clouds. He wears a frightening helmet, and in one claw a single Battle Claw, and in the other, a metal rod, the top of which holds shiny flecks of metal trapped in a clear amber rock.


He possessed a terrible new weapon...

And any owl--friend or foe, that Surtr points his rod at suddenly goes “yarp”--that owl FREEZES and sucks their wings back in their bodies, causing them to simply stop flying. They fall below the clouds to their deaths.


No one knows what exactly this dreadful weapon was, but surely it wasn’t of earth, tree or sky... And so, the tide of the great battle changed against the League of Kiel…

The owls from the League of Kiel are being killed at alarming rates.


Kielian owl after owl fell... No matter their valor, no matter their strength... and just when all looked lost...

While Surtr is focused on his attacks, LYZE, a grey whiskered Screech Owl, SMASHES into him.


A young Kielian owl named Lyze outflanked Surtr.

The contact makes Surtr lose his helmet and drop the metal rod, both falling into the clouds as the two owls also drop, now locked in battle. And as the two owls fall, they violently SLASH at each other with their Battle Claws. Surtr SLASHES at Lyze’s talons, and Lyze SLICES across Surtr’s face. SURTR SCREECHES in fury and pain, and then, with a SLASH to SURTR’S chest, Lyze disengages, and SURTR falls into the mist...



The sun comes through the entrance as a father Barn Owl, NOCTUS, is telling this story to his family: two six-week old owlets named SOREN and KLUDD, and a newer hatchling named EGLANTINE, who is mostly just a ball of fluffy white down.


(finishing the story)

Surtr fell and fell and fell... never to be seen again...

Their Mother, MARELLA, is feeding them some dead crickets.


What happened to Lyze after that, Da?


Well, no one knows for sure. Me, I like to think he went to the Great Tree of Ga’Hoole, where he took the sacred oath all the Guardians of Ga’Hoole take: To speak no words but true ones, to make strong the weak, to mend the broken, vanquish the proud... to protect all owls, unseen, unheard, unknown to any but themselves...

Kludd frowns.


But Ga’Hoole’s just a legend, isn’t it, Da?

Marella looks at her mate, wondering how he will answer.


Well, some say it is. But I think it’s real. On the Sea of Hoolemere, hidden by a thick shroud of fog...


Fog, huh?


Why are you so sure it’s real, Da?


Well, I feel it in my gizzard, Soren.

Now it’s Soren’s turn to frown. He doesn’t feel it in his gizzard.

MRS. PLITHIVER--a small, eyeless, rose-colored snake-- slithers over. She’s their nest-maid.


Well, I once met a magpie who knew a crow whose sister knew a seagull that swore that she had seen the Great Tree of Ga’Hoole herself... Now, time for bed, little ones. You’ve got flying practicetomorrow night!


Who wants the last cricket?



And Kludd eats it up as we hear:


Hop! Hop! That’s it , Soren!