Vyrrwolves also appear in "Wolves of the Beyond"

A vyrrwolf is a dire wolf that has been infused with vile nachtmagen on the night of a full moon. Their power waxes and wains with the moon and is brought on by being truly evil and drinking from a strange pool in the Tunnel of Despair. Vyrrwolves are larger than dire wolves in their full-moon state and have noticeable physical differences, like different eyes, while otherwise. They are comparable to hagsfiends, which can be viewed as a twisted reflection of an owl.


Before the Books

Vyrrwolves were mentioned to have appeared in dire wolf society in the past which may have also been the time of the legends of Ga'Hoole when nachtmagen ran rampant and hagsfiends were present as well.

The Golden Tree

The young king Coryn and the band left the Great Ga'Hoole Tree to wander the Southern Kingdoms to see if any traces of nachtmagen were to be found (especially ones concerning Coryn's mother, Nyra). After receiving whispers from Rabbit, the web-reader rabbit, his search led him to Beyond the Beyond. There the owls met with the dire wolves Hamish, Gyllbane and Cody and told them the purpose of their mission. When they recounted the legends and the powers of hagsfiends, the wolves became afraid and revealed their knowledge concerning Vyrrwolves and their similarities to hagsfiends. They also made known that Dunleavy MacHeath had become a vyrrwolf and had taken most of the MacHeath Clan to a foul tunnel known as the Tunnel of Despair. Remembering the whispers Rabbit gave, the owls determined that Nyra was in the tunnel seeking to revive nachtmagen and had struck up an alliance with the corrupted MacHeath Clan. Coryn, the Band and dire wolf reinforcements assembled for an attack and fought the remnants of the Pure Ones and the Vyrrwolves. At the battle's conclusion, all of the Vyrrwolves were dead.

Notable Vyrrwolves

  • Dunleavy B. MacHeath
  • Brygdylla


Can use fyngrot, like hagsfiends.