The War of the Ice Claws was a devastating, large-scaled northern conflict in which all the Northern Kingdoms were involved. The war was mostly between the League of Ice Talons and Kielian League, with both of whom fighting for ideological and political dominance over the area. Although the Guardians of Ga'Hoole were not known to have been active combatants during the war, the Kielian League and the war itself played a very large part in setting the stage for the War of the Pure Ones.


Build-up to War

While not much is known about the events that led up to the War of the Ice Claws, it can be assumed that the war began after high tension between the two ideologies of the Kielian Alliance and League of Ice Talons, which were, respectively, further degeneration of power and preservation of it.

Early Stages

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Second Century

Organization of Glauxspeed Division and Frost Beaks

Final Years


Setting the stage for the War of the Pure Ones and Onward

Lyze of Kiel and Lil

The War of the Ice Claws was devastating, and the longest war in all of owl history. It was well into its second century when the legendary warrior Ezylryb,or Lyze of Kiel, was born. He was born in Stormfast Island, member of the Kielian Alliance. He had the idea to train Kielian snakes as warriors. Lyze fancied an owl named Lil, but so did Lyze`s brother, Ifghar. He betrayed the Kielian Alliance by joining the League of Ice Talons, if, he was given Lil as a mate, he would leave the others be. Ifghar ambushed Lil and Lyze. When Octavia went to warn Lyze, it was too late. All went like Ifghar`s plan, except that Lil was mortally wounded. Lyze, when watching Lil die, went yeep. Fortunately, an eagle who was passing by rescued Lyze by the talon. The talon was injured and hurt so badly that he eventually bit it off himself. That is why he has only three talons on his one foot. In the same battle, Octavia was blinded. This was, probably, the most important battle in the War of the Ice Claws.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Long before the actual plot to the film began, Metal Beak and the Pure Ones led a crusade against all of the owl kingdoms, enslaving and murdering anyone who crossed their path. The Guardians of Ga'Hoole, led by Lyze of Kiel, rose to arms and confronted the Pure Ones in what is known as the Battle of the Ice Claws. The Pure Ones, led by Metal Beak, greatly outnumbered the Guardians, but Lyze of Keil managed to secure victory for the Guardians by defeating Metal Beak in single combat, slashing off his beak and scarring his face.