Species: Barn Owl
Gender: Male
Family and Relatives: N/A
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Rescue, The Siege, The Hatchling, The Golden Tree
High ranking Pure One lieutenant
Wortmore, a male Barn Owl, or Tyto alba, was a Pure One Lieutenant.


The Rescue

Wortmore is briefly mentioned as one of the owls with Kludd when the chaw of chaws and the small Pure One force fought in the rescue of Ezylryb. Yet in this battle it is said that he was a Sooty Owl, but in the rest of the books he is a Barn Owl or maybe it is another owl all together.

The Siege

Wortmore was sent to get the rogue smith of Silverveil to make the Pure Ones battle claws for the coming war with the Guardians. He let slip the details of the Pure Ones' troops over Cape Glaux when he apologized to the rogue smith for having to rough her up and that the Pure Guards alone would triple in size. He took part in the Battle of the Siege, but was killed by Slynella, a flying snake, when he was advancing on Soren with Nyra's help. He fell into the sea and supposedly drowned. 


The Hatchling

Wortmore is mentioned as having been sent with Stryker to find a rogue smith for Kludd's Final Ceremony. This raises the question if he died at the Battle of the Siege and took part in the rest of the War of the Pure Ones or if this is a completely different Wortmore mentioned.

The Golden Tree

The "original" Wortmore was later hinted by Stryker to have still been around in The Golden Tree without dying or defecting.


Wortmore has been proven to be very dimwitted, as he couldn't seem to count when he spoke with the rogue smith of Silverveil. He was having trouble figuring the numbers of the Pure Guard during the massing of soldiers. He was most likely an excellent fighter though as he was high ranking, a personal favorite to Kludd (accompanied him on many missions), and suggested to be the same size as Kludd as well because their battle claw sizes are the same. 


  • Lasky shows contradiction in her work as she mentions Wortmore falling into the sea/ocean when Slynella attacks him. He is later mentioned in The Hatchling to have been sent with Stryker to find a rogue smith for Kludd's burial. This presents the theories that there was more than one Wortmore, or he fell into the sea but didn't die.