Species: Hagsfiend
Gender: Female
Mate: Pleek
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Coming of Hoole
Mate of Pleek,
Ygryk (EE-GRIK) was a female hagsfiend that took a great horned owl named Pleek as her mate during the time of The Legends of Ga'Hoole.


The First Collier

Siv tells Grank in the Ice Cliff Palace that Ygryk wants her and H'rath's egg, and that she wants to be its mother.

The Coming of Hoole

When Siv is battling the Hagsfiends during Hoole's hatching, she hears several hagsfiends shrieking as the ice floe tips, Siv secretly hopes that one of them is Yygryk, but it isn't.

Ygryk visits her friend Kreeth and asks for her help in which she must remove one of the hatchling's eyes so that the magic can seep in. When Hoole is by himself Ygryk attacks him and attempts to do just that. But she's stopped. Later on, Ygryk and Pleek are attacked by Ullryck, a fierce female assassin but they manage to escape.

To Be a King

Ygryk and Pleek are shown having a egg that they stolen and are staying with Kreeth. When they return, however, Ygryk is horrified when she finds her chick, turned into a Barn owl. Soon both the hagsfiend and the Great Horned abandon Lutta, and Lutta vows to make them pay.

Later, Pleek and Ygryk witnessed Kreeth using Frygot on Lutta. Ygryk admitted that they're "monsters" as they don't know how to love; they failed to love Lutta the way she was. It was unknown what happened to them.