I have no choice but to die... NO! I have jumped for a tree, jumped for a raven, jumped for a cougar. I shall jump for the sun!

–Faolan when he jumps over the wall of fire in Lone Wolf, page 211

物种 恐狼
性别 雄性
部落 麦肯部落
族群 Pack of the Eastern Scree
能力 各种外挂(请完善)
缺陷 前掌外翻
首次出场 孤独的小狼
最后出场 跃向远方之蓝

Faolan MacDuncan is a young male dire wolf (Canis dirus) and is the main protagonist of the Wolves of the Beyond series, as the books follow his life. He is the son of Morag and Kinnaird. Faolan was born as a outcast, malcadh because of his splayed paw and left on ice to drown, but was rescued by Thunderheart, a female grizzly. He soon joins the MacDuncan pack of the Eastern Scree and becomes a gnaw wolf, and later becomes part of the Watch. He is also the one who "jumped for the sun".

Later, he along with Edme are sent by the Watch to help the Blood Watch and stop the Skaars Dancing. Faolan leads the pack of survivors to the Distant Blue. Faolan is the fourth incarnation of the first Fengo.

名字的意义 编辑

Fao means both River and Wolf, and Lan means Gift. So his name means "Gift of the River", "River Gift", "Wolf Gift from the River", "Wolf Gift", ect. In actual reality, Faolan is an Irish name which means "Little Wolf".


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